Kimberly clark understands the customer need & providing them with solutions that enable people to be safer, healthier & more productive. Customer can uses anywhere from office buildings, schools, hotels, healthcare facilities & food preparation areas to laboratories processing plants & manufacturing environment.


  1. Food processing
  2. Pharmaceutical
  3. Oil industry


scientific work is performed by hand; the right glove is often the most critical element in worker & process protection. From general purpose to chemical resistant gloves, choose the one that's right for you from the wide range of kimberly-clark.


protective clothing

Kleenguard protective apparels deliver reliable protection to people involved in hazardous processes as well as controls contamination in environment caused by people.


Respirators & eye wear

You need to protect your people from your process & your process from worker contamination. exposure to chemicals & other harmful contacts can cause physical damage, trust us for your employee's safety with jackson safety brand respirators & eye wear. our respirators & eye wear deliver comfort, protection & performance for all day wear.



Critical workplaces like scientific labs, clean rooms & other critical area need wiping solutions for wiping objects, soaking, cleaning & disinfecting surfaces. the right choice of wiping solutions plays an important role in controlling process contamination.


Hand hygiene

Our products provide efficient solution for hand hygiene & reduce contamination risk. select from our complete range of market leading products-KLEENEX paper towel & sanitizer, SCOTT foam soap & paper towels to minimize the risk of contamination from hands.