Food ingredients


coca Powders

Coca powder gives the body stimulation and vitality necessary in these times of great physical and mental exhaustion. We are wholesale distributor of good quality imported of cocoa powder to FMCG Industry and Food Segment Industries in India.


food flavors

Today's food flavouring industry has continually evolved due to the ever expanding knowledge of natural raw materials, gastronomy, cooking techniques and procedures adopted from the perfumery industry. Progress made by the chemical industry during the industrial revolution has also played a crucial role.


food fragrances

We Understand Fragrance and the power it possesses, as well as its ability to make an experience more enjoyable and memorable scent, Fragrance. It created each Fragrance based on a complex and varied scent profile to match the different styles and tastes of our consumers.

food pectin

food pectin

Pectin, a naturally occurring polysaccharide, has in recent years gained increasingly in importance.Pectin is thus a soluble dietary fiber.We are wholesale distributor of good quality Pectin to FMCG Industry and Food Segment Industries in India.

Food Colors

food Colors

The food colour is a vital constituent of food, giving it a distinctive appearance. There are two types: natural colours like Chlorophyll, Caramel and Annatto; and synthetic ones that are chemically synthesised and have high tinctorial strength (colouring capacity). Synthetic colours spread uniformly in foods, stable and are usually inexpensive.

food gumArabic

food gumArabic

Gum Arabic is multifunctional and is used in wide range of diverse food products. It's major uses are in the stabilisation of flavour emulsion, in the encapsulation of flavour and in the confectionery industry. Gum arabic has also found uses as a bulking agent in dietetic products.